Thank you for your interest in contacting Cabbitude Gaming!

Please Adhere to the Following Guidelines to Ensure That Your Efforts Are Not Wasted!

  1. Don't bother attempting to include links as they will be ignored in order to avoid potential trolling attempts. If you would like to direct our attention to a certain game or website please do so without using links.

  2. While constructive criticism is encouraged all negative criticism or trolling will be ignored.

  3. Try to keep your message as simple and concise as possible.

  4. Please keep the unnecessary profanity to a minimum.

  5. Game suggestions are totally appreciated, but please do try to keep the general content of the channel in mind. Cabbitude Gaming isn't prone to stuff like CS:Go for instance. It's great stuff but not quite our style.

  6. While we will do our best to respond to everyone this isn't always possible so please do keep that in mind.

Would you like to send something in real life?

That's incredibly sweet and generous of you! Unfortunately Cabbitude Gaming does not currently have a P.O. Box available for such a purpose. However, if you'd still like to donate something, you're welcome to do so through one of the following donation websites:

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